By trespassing the traditional boundaries of architecture and by integrating several disciplines to the design process, such as history, sociology, graphic design etc. we aim and pursue the delivery of projects characterized by progressive design and impeccable construction detailing.

We avoid the categorization under a specific style or movement and we strive to eliminate any mindsets concerning the design process. Even though  internal mechanisms and processes are tools integrated into every project the uniqueness of each client, topography or context is depicted on the final outcome. We design for all scales, all sectors and all budgets. Our people-centered design approach begins by the extensive research and accumulation of huge amounts of data concerning the social, philosophical, technological and budgetary aspects of the project. This provides the context and the framework for the main concept which is being presented and discussed at the very early stages.

Clients, users and specialists interact to this highly participatory method. The design process goes back and forth and is deployed towards several directions before grasping the concept of the project. We think, sketch, model and design on different scales at the same time in order to generate and deliver projects embedded into the contemporary urban context.