Three-storey Detached house in Chalandri


Location: Halandri
Surface: 400m2
Status: Concept
Year: 2009
Team: Louis Barault, Ceca Krstic 

This single house will be built on a site of 900 square meter area in the suburb of  Chalandri. The total area of the house (480 sq.mts) , by decision of the owners, will be significantly less than the surface permitted by the local building regulations. The house is divided in three, above ground, levels and one below ground, where the parking and other secondary spaces are situated.  The building is placed as close as possible to the street, leaving most of the site to the garden and pool area. The main living areas such as the sitting area, the dinning area and the kitchen are located on the ground level while on the first floor the children’s bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and the family playroom, are placed. On the second floor one finds the master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and the office, which leads to a large terrace. The concept is based on two main volumes generating from a T shape plan. In the junction of the two volumes there is a central north-south axis, which is defined by a 0,45 meter thick, and 10-meter high wall. This element separates the two volumes horizontally into ''private'' and ''common'' functions and at the same time unites the different levels vertically with the circulation system, which is articulated on the wall. The secondary aspects of the project consist of two important elements: Firstly, a glass façade hiding the columns and ascribing a floating-like effect to the lower part of the ‘‘private areas’’ volume. Secondly, an intermediate ‘‘box’’ which houses the family playroom next to the children bedrooms stretching and emerging from both facades of the ‘‘common areas’’ volume providing the house with a ‘‘buffer’’ space between the two volumes. On the south façade the “box” is defined by the horizontal wooden louvers while on the north façade it becomes the playroom terrace.