Summer House in Andros - In+Out of Walls.

Location: Andros
Surface: 200m2
Status: Concept
Year: 2015
Team: Louis Barault, Elisania Michalopoulou

Our latest residential project is located on a sloping hillside, 200 meters from the west coastline of Andros Island. The critical design factor in this case is to provide protection from the natural elements and simultaneously establish the sense of place. A sheltered space is designed, providing the panoramic view of the dramatic landscape and the spectacular sea and sky.

The primary design tool is the wall element, which provides both physical and symbolic protection. The wall clearly distinguishes the common use areas from the private ones. The living space of the house is exposed and highlighted, while the private space remains well-protected. The juxtaposition of the two living zones is evident, one solid and enclosed and one open and penetrable. The spatial dynamic created allows each part a degree of autonomy. From the one side, the concrete wall clearly distinguishes the common use areas from the private ones.

From the other side, the supporting monolithic stone wall, directly anchors to the ground. Between the two wall elements a spatial interaction emerges. The protective wall is folded, crimped, torn and perforated. It becomes a membrane that protects, while it serves the light and view pursuits. The shadows created by this form produce a dramatic visual effect at the façade. The enclosed patios, allow the direct contact with the ground, the light and the air, organizing the private space of the bedrooms.

The outdoor living space realizes the intention to create both solitary contemplation spaces and gathering areas. The jagged shape of the water element unites the gaze and further highlights the endless view. The interpretation of the vernacular architecture is evident at the shading element, following a familiar triangular pattern, commonly used on the façade of the local dovecots.