Summer House in Andros Island


Location: Andros Island
Surface: 290m2
Status: Concept
Year: 2008
Team:Louis Barault, Katerina Karagianni

This holiday home is to be built in the area of Fellos in the northern part of Andros, a plot off plan town, total area 4.2 acres. Andros is an island with a strong bipolar character where the southern part of the relatively lush vegetation, dominated building typology of the settlement of the country involved neoclassic elements, while anhydrous northern prevails the traditional Cycladic architecture. The plot is located on a slope, it has several significant slope, has uninterrupted views across the Bay of Selki facing west and away from the boundary of the sea about 500 meters. Also, a key local feature is the famous winds, ie the strong north - northeast wind which blows mainly during the summer months. The terrain is arranged in five terraces with housing to grow taller in order to ensure the greatest possible distance from the local road and also the range of views to be bigger. The composition of the residence, selected two primary components, the tower and makrinari, which refer to traditional architecture and incorporated into the basic spatial organization. The building consists of three volumes, which generate between, leeward outdoors. A perimeter wall thickness of 40 cm uncoated concrete with special treatment thrapinarismatos is the limit of the residence with natural soil and which antistirizei. The tower is a vertical element that includes 2 independent of the rest of the house functions, hostel and a workspace.
The main house consists of two volumes: the first hosted sites diimerefseos and second bedrooms. The proportions and linear array of these tumors refers to the traditional makrinari. Under one tumor develops underground level which houses auxiliary spaces. Approaching one sheltered main entrance has the potential sighting of strategically placed, outdoor pool area. The main level of the house is elevation isoepipedi with the basic exterior dominated by the composite structure of obscuration which is the connecting element of the three tumors.