Open Air Venue - Perforated Metal Veil

Location: Coastal region of Attica
Surface: 700m2
Status: Concept
Year: 2018
Team: Louis Barault, Elisania Michalopoulou, Stella Mitsogianni

We create an outdoor yet sheltered venue, which is located in a dreamlike scenery adjacent to the sea boundary.  This project aims to create a unique atmosphere by taking into account the dynamic relation between light and obscurity.

The designed canopy is a semi-transparent surface which folds irregularly into space and defines it by setting a blurry limit. In fact, due to its transparency it allows constant visual connection with the sky. The angular shapes used during the design process highlight the horizontality of the vast sea view.

Galvanized metal perforated elements engender various shadow effects during the day. Away from mimesis, the strictly geometric perforation pattern tends to recreate the shadows casted under a tree’s foliage.

The translucent “veil” seams to flutter and float, supported by lithe and figuratively tree-shaped vertical elements. Natural trees are fully integrated into the new structure. Not only do they signify paths and access points, but they are also dominating the main venue area, by intervening into the canopy.

Due to the white shade of the structure, tranquility permeates the atmosphere. As for the materiality, wood is also being used to create a more natural effect and blend the structure with the surrounding environment.

The venue floor is slightly elevated from the ground level, in order to provide a better view of the sea. The platform’s perimeter consists of inclined planes that ensure a smoother connection between the different heights and, therefore, an effective blending with the natural surroundings.

The two buildings adjacent to the metal canopy define the main entrance. The volumes are molded with folds that create several openings. Minimal and low-height as they are, they complete and equilibrate the whole project.