Energy interpretation as a design tool


Location: Thessaloniki
Surface: 200m2
Status: Completed
Year: 2017
Team: Louis Barault, Clelia Ntassi, Elisania Michalopoulou
Photos: Maria Karakitsiou

Designing the concept store of a new entrant company in energy management became an interesting challenge. It constitutes the starting point of a new branch network that will be launched across the country. Through design gestures and decisions, the philosophy, the principles and the corporate identity are rendered into space. It was a difficult and nonlinear design process, struggling to balance between the modern and dynamic design and the sense of appropriation of space, without creating an intimidating and alienating atmosphere to the customer.

On the ground floor, one can find the commercial area of the unit (retail - customer service) and the associated supporting functions, while on the upper floor, the administrative office space.

The LED light tube network dominating the space is mounted on the ceiling and on the walls, following free-form paths, as an interpretation of the energy flow, which is affecting the whole design process.

The layout of the utilities on the ground floor was articulated as a deliberate design gesture to create a “spatial breath” at the heart of the ground floor with all service points placed on the perimeter and on the back. The direct supervision of the whole space allows the easy browsing and direct access towards the desired service or information area and contributes significantly to the ergonomics of the retail store.

All vertical surfaces as well as the ceiling and flooring are coated with cement on gray, smooth finish with visible the hand-crafted process, creating a neutral and continuous canvas, highlighting three basic elements: a) the network of light tubes b) the items on display and c) the custom design points of service and information.